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Application Development and Integration:

Our application development services enable organizations to develop applications faster, maintain applications at lower cost, re-engineer and modernize systems with low risk, while realizing measurable business benefits that enhance your bottom line. Our outsourcing solutions have the advantages of highly qualified personnel, procedures, processes and invaluable experience to predictably deliver results. This allows our customers to focus on their strategic initiatives and core competencies while reaping the outsourcing benefits.

Development + Security + Operations:

In a traditional Software Development practice security is often an afterthought, formed to assess software security standards only towards the end of the lifecycle using a specialist team who often work on silos without understanding the story so far. However, after agile software development and DevOps have revolutionized the software development approach emphasizing on speed to market, gone are those days of deploying applications without embedding security controls early in the development life cycle.

While DevOps focuses on transforming the organization by identifying toil between development and operational dependencies, security was still a left-out practice until DevSecOps was introduced as a concept to integrate security practices within the DevOps process. The DevSecOps, like DevOps itself, is focused on creating new solutions for complex software development processes within an agile framework.

Many highly prepared organizations (45%) embed security into their DevOps processes and almost as many (41%) integrate security in at least four stages of the development life cycle.

Cloud Transformation:

Cloud computing is firmly established as the new normal for enterprise IT. Across industries, cloud continues to be one of the fastest-growing segments of IT spends. With greater spends, however, comes greater responsibilities to invest wisely, and a bigger impact if things go wrong. And that’s where you need a technology partner like Sorice Solutions who has learnt from hard lessons of multiple failures and successes from various small and large implementations, which gives you the required knowledge and skills to undertake any kind of Cloud transition and adoption solutions.

Quality Assurance:

The Quality Assurance Division of Sorice Solutions, offers a full range of quality assurance and quality control for customer products and projects developed by our development division.

We can provide:

  • Quality planning
  • Benchmark setting
  • Evolution of project/product norms
  • Metrics planning and analysis
  • Unit testing
  • Design control
  • Requirements traceability
  • System testing
  • Performance testing
  • Release management.

Our process ensures smooth integration between project management and Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) activities.

Cyber Defense:

With advancing technology comes the ineludible call for security. Digitalization and technology have undeniably reinvented the nature of businesses across the globe. But, the use of highly beneficial technologies like cloud computing, Big Data, and the internet as a whole can add pressure on security systems. As every operation carried out in a company is now based on the use of the internet, the possibility of getting hacked is higher.

Modern Cyber Defense systems are designed for continuous threat monitoring and reconnaissance of cyber vulnerabilities, however, they deserve continuous serviceability and specialized skills to effectively manage the required level of intelligence constantly.

Site Reliability Engineering:

Transformation of Organizations from their traditional service methodologies into DevOps has become the industry norm. It is now a well-known fact that it is a successful DevOps transformation that allows an organization to create and improve products at a faster pace than traditional software development methods. Hence making the product development organizations compete with other competitors.

Reliability Engineering is about the pragmatic implementation of DevOps practices to identify silos and eliminate toil, an approach expanding the theoretical part to an efficient workflow, with the right work methods and tools. It’s also about sharing the responsibility between everyone and getting everyone in sync with the same goal and vision.

Legacy Transformation:

One of the challenges that business leaders face today is the difficulty of predicting what will delight customers and end-users. Given the fast pace of change, uncertainty, and disruption, it is often a herculean challenge to clearly define business requirements and business models to the engineering teams and ask them to build a future-proof system. Disruptive business models, open-source technologies becoming mainstream, cloud computing, and adoption of IOT, AL, ML by competitors is forcing leaders to have a sensible modernization strategy. And during this age rapid transformation, legacy systems seem to often hold back business initiatives and become real-time obstacles to digital business that rely on them.

Staffing and Consulting :

Our staffing division is well equipped with experienced and qualified consultants to support even your most demanding IT initiatives. Our flexible workforce can quickly staff your pressing projects needs and help meet your deadlines with confidence and ease.

Our time tested recruiting methodology employs a rigorous screening process to identify candidates based on the specific criteria, ensuring the right fit, every time to fulfill your resource needs. By offering a complete range of staffing and consulting services, we can help companies no matter where they are in their business evolution, – raise productivity through improved strategy, quality, efficiency and cost reduction across their total workforce.