Industries – Utilities

Sorice Solutions has partnered with key players in the water utilities industry to develop innovative software solutions for field operations. Our solutions fundamentally improve the efficiency and effectiveness of field operations and can provide real-time monitoring, data acquisition and integration to streamline operations,cut costs, curb excessive consumption and ultimately improve water conservation.

Application and Data Integration

We provide comprehensive utilities software application development and data integration solutions using the .Net and open source technology stacks. Our staff are highly proficient in cutting edge search and big data technologies such as Apache Solr, MongoDB and HBase running a Hadoop cluster.

Mobile Solutions

By shifting the day-to-day management of field operations to intelligent water management systems that provide accurate data directly from the measurement source, utility companies can integrate all the daily work processes of their entire systems that allow speedy data mining and instant generation of action reports. It can also reduce the manual field audit cost by providing real time metrics back to the control room, which eliminates the need for multiple manual field audits to the same location reducing cost and minimizing errors. While electronic information is not new for field service departments in large utilities, it is for smaller and medium-sized utilities, which represent a large percentage of the North American utility workforce.

Sorice Solutions can help utilities put actionable data in customer’s hands via mobile applications through standards based cross-device compatible frameworks such as Phonegap, Sencha Touch etc.


We specialize in developing automated regression testing utilities for its customers to reduce the testing cycle and cost for desktop applications as well as the mobile platforms.