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Cyber Defense

With advancing technology comes the ineludible call for security. Digitalization and technology have undeniably reinvented the nature of businesses across the globe. But, the use of highly beneficial technologies like cloud computing, Big Data, and the internet as a whole can add pressure on security systems. As every operation carried out in a company is now based on the use of the internet, the possibility of getting hacked is higher.

Modern Cyber Defense systems are designed for continuous threat monitoring and reconnaissance of cyber vulnerabilities, however, they deserve continuous serviceability and specialized skills to effectively manage the required level of intelligence constantly.



Cyber Defense Platform

Our Cyber Defense platform includes solutions for

  • Proactive threat detection through continuous scanning and event monitoring, breach and attack simulations
  • Intelligent Automation of cyber security operations
  • Use case engineering, identifying gaps and threat intelligence augmentation
  • Security orchestration and playbook automation